Meditation Program

The 8-week meditation program for individuals to develop or deepen your practice

Mondays | 7:15pm - 8:45pm | 30 West 24th Street

The 8-week Mind Guided Meditation program, for both new and experienced meditators, provides the guidance, insight and education fundamental in developing a strong personal practice.

We lead a modern, secular, research based meditation practice, structured on the principles of (1) education and (2) practice. We educate participants on the science and research surrounding meditation, as well as provide instruction around how to meditate — correcting misconceptions and maximizing benefits from the practice.

Learning through practice (and patience)

Our program is built upon a foundation of self-awareness, mindfulness and positivity. Sessions are purposefully in-person, rather than technology-based. We strive to alleviate the overwhelmingly common feelings of isolation, loneliness, unfulfillment and burnout. Weekly sessions unite individuals in a space of mutual support, belonging and acceptance.

Tuition Fee | $400.00