Guided Meditation



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 Guided Meditation






As a member you receive:


+ Weekly virtual guided meditation sessions

+ Unlimited access to recorded guided meditations

+ Exclusive member benefits

+ Invitations to monthly events and meet ups


How We Work

​We strengthen attention and awareness.

Mind Guided Meditation involves choosing an object of attention and strengthening our ability to focus on it.

In our practice, we choose to focus on the breath. 

The mind is a muscle.

To strengthen our bodies, we exercise.

To strengthen our minds, we meditate. 

As we meditate, the mind wanders. By gently guiding our attention back to the breath, we strengthen the muscle of attention – like how adding and releasing tension builds muscles in weight training.



We foster compassion.

Mind Guided Meditation integrates compassion and empathy throughout each practice. By encouraging participants to observe their thoughts without judgement, we learn to accept both ourselves and others - we condition to lead with kindness.


Increased compassion means more collaborative teams, better work outcomes and happier employees.



We help participants achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.


Why It Works

To understand the benefits of meditation, we must first understand how our minds and memories work. 

Throughout the day, we receive millions of new stimuli. These are observed and recorded by our short term (or working) memory. 

During periods of limited stimulation, most notably during sleep but also during meditation, habitual exercise, or prayer, these memories are transferred from short term to long term memory. 

Now, when we access long term memory, it is not like going into a filing cabinet — pulling out one memory or another. Rather, we create complex associations with each experience and sensory stimuli. 

For example, when looking at a traffic cone, we access our long term memory and are able to create associations with other orange items – a pumpkin, an orange, a life vest, etc. – despite each having very different use cases. 

This network of long term memory is called a schema. It is what allows us to have those deep, often creative or complex, thoughts — and experience those “Ahha!” moments. 

However, if our working memory is constantly stimulated, such as by the incessant alerts of our devices, we do not allow time and space for those short term memories to move to long term memories. 

We remain in a constant state of stimulating our working (or short term) memories, we only allow for surface thoughts  — preventing deep thought.

We train focus - empowering you to remove distraction and welcome deep thought.



"Mind has introduced me to the powerful world of meditation and mindfulness."
"Only upon practicing with Mind have I realized the resounding effects that meditation has had on every part of my life."
"We are constantly stimulated. Meditating with Mind has empowered me to step back from all that."
"I had no idea how overwhelmed I was. Life just seems so much easier. I'm more productive, healthier and happier than ever."

 Guided Meditation