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decrease in stress levels (Duke University)


reduction in the use of health services (Massachusetts General Hospital)


minutes of productivity gained per employee per week (Aetna)


11 to 1

generated in productivity gains alone per employee, resulting in a return on investment of 

The Power of Meditation


million going straight to the company’s bottom line, partly attributed to mindfulness training (Aetna)


wider range of ideas generated - resulting in more innovative outcomes (Erasmus University, Netherlands)

Meditation to feel amazing.

Fashionable Girl

Psychic Readings
by Marissa

Thursday February 10
12pm - 4pm
The Bean: 54 2nd Avenue


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For Individuals

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Our first session is just $1

If you like the session, we book a 10 sessions series for $2500. This includes 10 1 hour sessions with Marissa herself.

Your Personalized Program

For Individuals: Founder and CEO, Marissa Cole, creates high-touch, personalized experiences for individuals seeking to kick-start or deepen their meditation practice. In our one-on-one, 10 session series, students learn the joy of meditating, how to keep a consistent practice, and the miracles of doing so.

Listening to Music

A modern, secular, research based meditation practice

We lead employees through in-office meditation, structured on the principles of education and practice.


We educate participants on the mechanisms behind meditation, as well as share research on it's astounding effects and benefits. This understanding, coupled with clear instruction during the practice itself, results in a profound personal practice — allowing participants to reach their fullest potential both in and out of the workplace.

Bring meditation to your company
Private Sessions

Our Principles




​We educate participants on the existing and emerging research surrounding meditation, providing insight into the concrete effects on the brain and body.


In-person guidance provides the personalized attention necessary in developing a strong practice. This enables participants to institute best-in-class techniques and address misconceptions.

About Meditation

To understand the benefits of meditation, we must first understand how our minds and memories work.

Throughout the day, we receive millions of new stimuli. These are observed and recorded by our short term (or working) memory. 

During periods of limited stimulation, most notably during sleep but also during meditation, habitual exercise, or prayer, these memories are transferred from short term to long term memory. 
Now, when we access long term memory, it is not like going into a filing cabinet — pulling out one memory or another. Rather, we create complex associations with each experience and sensory stimuli. 
For example, when looking at a traffic cone, we access our long term memory and are able to create associations with other orange items – a pumpkin, an orange, a life vest, etc. – despite each having very different use cases. 
This network of long term memory is called a schema. It is what allows us to have those deep, often creative or complex, thoughts — and experience those “Ahha!” moments. 
However, if our working memory is constantly stimulated, such as by the incessant alerts of our devices, we do not allow time and space for those short term memories to move to long term memories. 
We remain in a constant state of stimulating our short term (or working) memory, we only allow for surface thoughts  — preventing deep thought.
Mind Guided Meditation trains focus; empowering participants to remove distraction and welcome deep thought.
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For Business
Online Course

Coming soon!

10 Days to Become A Self-Sufficient Meditator

Online Course

We're compiling all of our knowledge of meditation to bring you an awesome online program, where you'll learn to meditate all on your own. In this 10 day course, Marissa walks you through all the fundamentals of starting and sustaining your practice, so you can experience the joy of meditating.

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